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AcmeBest.Biz effective, pratical and successful business management principles, practices, strategies and concepts for the 21st century global successful businesses managing AcmeBest.Biz effective, pratical and successful business management principles, practices, strategies and concepts for the 21st century global successful businesses managing
AcmeBest.Bizness : Effective, Uptodate, Practical, Profitable & Successful Concepts, Strategies, Practices, Ideas, Tips, Secrets, And Principles of GOOD BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION For The Twenty First (21st) Century (C21).
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Welcome To The ACMEBEST.BIZ Website, One Stop Online Resources Centre, Blog And Portal On Effective, Practical, Profitable & Successful BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION Principles, Practices, Concepts, Methodologies, Strategies, Ideas, Tactics And Secrets Of Successful Companies Globally (Worldwide - All Over The World).

Managing a company effectively can ensure its survival and increasing profits. If you are a President, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Managing Director (MD), Executive Director, Director, General Manager, Regional Manager, Senior Manager or Manager of your company, it is your responsibility to make sure that your company stays competitive through good and proper management practices.

In the twenty first (21st) century (C21) that we are living in now, in this period of "information age" and "knowledge-based" society, doing business is no longer the same as before. Everything happens so fast that "speed" and "change" are the two words most mentioned in corporate board and management meetings.

Sustaining the sales, gross income and nett profit of your company are no longer enough. Things are happening so fast that if your company does not move forward, it will be left behind by competitors who are becoming stronger and more and more able to offer cheaper, better, bigger, and faster products and/or services. And most probably those competitors are from CHINA.

Yes, in fact, a wise Chinese saying goes something like this: "It is like a boat moving against the current ... if you are not advancing, you will be pulled backwards."


Good and effective business management must have sufficient focus on marketing management:
  1. Research and Development: Identify what the market needs and then find ways to produce products or services that satisfy those needs. This could be new product / service or improvements on existing ones.
  2. Advertising and Promotions: Make it known to the market you have the product or service that satisfies their needs. Use the fastest and most effective way to inform as wide a coverage of the market as possible. Educating the market.
  3. Sales: Make it easy for people to find and purchase them. Fast, easy and hassle-free. Suitable pricing policy that ensures the competitiveness of your price, while maintaining a suitable profit at the same time is essential.
  4. After-Sales Support: Ensure effective, fast and friendly aftersales support.
  5. Public Relations: Build a reputable image of your company through quality products, reliable after-sales support and aggressive involvement in community service projects and worthwhile government initiatives like education and health sectors.
  6. Collaborations: Forming suitable strategic and logistic Business-To-Business (B2B) alliances and cooperations to expand the market scope and reach. WIN/WIN situations that are mutually profitable for all involved, especially the consumers.
  7. Market Research: Gather feedbacks from all your customers. And then, keep on adding new benefits and continuous improvements on your products or services. Yes, from here, we are back to step 1.

If you successfully implement the above MARKETING basics, the market will happily and continuously pay for your products and/or services - and you will keep on making money.


How do you ensure that your company can produce cheaper and better products than your competitors?

What are the ways to stay ahead of your business rivals with professional services that are better, faster and cheaper at the same time?

Find the answers to those questions, and you will find the secrets to successfully manage your business.

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you have found the information you are looking for. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you.

best regards,
Effective, Practical, Profitable And Successful Business Management & Administration Research Team

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